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Office of Library and Information Services

About L.I.S

Integration for the sake of resources, improving performance, the implementation of the reorganization, Library and Information & Communication Centre are merged into "Office of Library and Information Services” in the 101-semester (from 2012/8/1).
Office of Library and Information Services” referred to as "LIS" integrates school administration system and enhances the e-services of Library and Information.

Information Service Section,referred to as I.S.S:
Assistance, support and promote the Library and Information resources for the promotion, IT consulting services, computer lab maintenance and management, and support the information services of the computer skills test, and the other to promote education and cooperative education project.
Resource Management Section, referred to as R.M.S:
Assistance, support and implementation of the business of books, audio-visual materials-cum-teaching support software procurement, resource management and administrative management.
Administration Information Section, referred to as A.I.S:
Responsible for assisting, supporting, promoting computerization of school business operations, including administrative information systems, teacher information system and student information systems and the application. In order to promote the overall computerization of school administration, school uniform administrative information system.
Information Network Section, referred to as I.N.S:
Responsible for the school campus network planning, establishment, management and maintenance, and to promote the campus network applications. Assist the school in establishing the information network to promote the library system and campus network links, network technology consulting services and the network application services. And is responsible for the data center room equipments, information security, computer systems and account management, and maintenance, to provide a stable system environment to effectively support the implementation of the work of the school of the various administration, teaching and research.